What Are Ping Pong Tables Made Of

Do you love table tennis? We are sure you do because if not what you would be doing in this article. Right? As a player of ping pong, the question must have arisen in your mind exactly with what material Best ping pong tables are made from. Today we are here to answer your question very well. Let’s find the answer.

Table Material

The materials used in indoor ping pong tables and outdoor tables are different. Because while making outdoor tables the manufacturer must take extra cautions to save them from different weather conditions. In indoor tables, the common material used is plywood, particleboard, and medium-density fiberboard.

Whereas, outdoor tables are produced with metal, concrete, fiberglass, or plastic. When you decide to buy a ping pong table next time, make sure to relinquish extra attention to the material. Because that’s the foundation of the table, and it must be strong.

What Are Ping Pong Tables Made Of

Thickness Of Table

Then the second important element comes, the thickness of the table. The thick the table, the more bouncing capacity it will have. But it must not be too thick. The minimum thickness must be 12mm and the maximum limit of thickness is between 30mm to 1 inch. The foremost wooden tables available within the market have a thickness of 25mm to 30mm.

Tables with thickness above 25mm are considered to have the most effective bouncing capacity. According to experts, the bouncing capacity should be a minimum of 23cm.

Nets Material

If you wish to own the simply amazing experience of playing ping pong in your play area or garden. Then you need to be sure that net length must be 6 feet long and 6 inches high. The net may be made with separate materials like cotton, wool, nylon mesh, and synthetic plastic.

The bottom of the net must be in close contact with the surface of the table. Ring chains might be included to regulate the net rightfully.

Under-Carriage Of Table

The durability of a table can heavily rely on the frame used under the table. Some tables have the frame made with aluminum. But the aluminum frame will shake easily and the strength of the table won’t be long-lasting.

The strong tables have an undercarriage of heavy steel, so they couldn’t be taken aback easily. The steel ones have powder coating, which saves the table from any sort of downturn.

Legs Of Table

The legs of the ping pong table may be in oval or square shape. Excellent quality of legs decides how strongly the table will stand. If legs are of bad quality, then the table will jiggle often and it could disturb the sport. You can easily tell the standard of the legs by just observing them for a bit.

The legs must be made out of heavy steel, just like the rest of the undercarriage, it plays an essential role within the strength of the table. Rubber wheels are quite common in most tables, and they are durable too.

Paint Colour

Tables with beautiful and smooth paint attract the players and they also enjoy playing. The tables are either green or blue. The colors of tables are usually dark to confirm good visual contrast. We cannot ignore that the smooth paint is the core of bouncing. The matte color with mirror-like reflective offers perfect bouncing of the ball.

Tables are usually painted thoroughly except for the legs. The paint, most extensively used for tables, is Alkyd paint. The special quality this paint offers is extra smoothness. It also resists abrasions efficiently.

Specifications Of Paints

There are some special rules and things that are religiously being followed while coloring the table, to succeed in the perfect point.

  • Sprayer or roller is used in painting the table
  • Before painting, they taped the corners of the table first.
  • 60 degrees of a gloss with matt paint is required to induce the utmost bouncing.
  • The main thing for getting smooth paint is the primer.
  • After priming the table, two coats of paint have been applied.
  • At the end, when the paint has completely dried out, the tape is removed.
  • The paint must be without any cracks and marks.

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