How To Indent A Ping Pong Ball – Step By Step Guide

During Ping Pong, the worst and unfortunate thing is when a ball is hit by someone a little too hard and gets a dent. But still, there is an expectation as sometimes it might be possible how To Indent A Ping Pong Ball.

Just a little heat is needed to get its round shape back if a ping pong ball is dented. But you just don’t pull out the lighter to heat it as they are incredibly flammable.

Instead, try the safest methods to do that. Don’t you feel a sigh of relief knowing you won’t have to discard dented ping pong balls from now onward?

If your answer is yes, let’s read out to know more.

The repaired ball is typically a little less bouncy and weaker than a new ping pong ball; still, it will be excellent for beer pong or table tennis.

In this proficient article, we’ll step by step indent a ping pong ball to regain its original shape.

Though these techniques don’t always work for all types of dented or broken ping pong balls, there’re great chances of getting most of them back to the game. Let’s see how we can do the things;

How To Indent A Ping Pong Ball

Obliging Tips/Methods to Repair a Dented Ball:

Without further ado, let’s straight jump to the techniques to know How To indent A Ping Pong Ball

1.By Using Hot Water

The easiest and convenient method to make a ping pong ball indented is by using warm and or a bit of hot water over it. Do you know that whenever a car gets dented, how do they get rid of its dents? You speculate it right; they make use of the hot water procedure. Isn’t it astonishing?

What happens to ping pong balls when we use hot water is that it heats the air inside the ping pong ball, making the dented ball expand. The things you need for this process is a cup and some boiled water. The process can be done in some necessary steps as given below:

Step 1: Pour some water into a pot and then boil it until you notice some bubbles and then put it into the cup.

Step 2: Put the dented ball into the hot boiled water. Do not put the damaged ball inside the water directly while it is on the flame and still boiling; doing that would ruin or harm the ball.

Step 3: The ball will start to float on top of the hot water in the cup. Push the ball down by using a spoon to keep it under the water. That way, the pressure will increase on the ball, and accordingly, the air in the ball will become hot quickly and fastly, and then, your ball will become undented.

Step 4: When the ball retains its original round shape, take it out of the hot water with the help of a spoon. Don’t try to take it out of the water with your hands. Because doing this can harm your hands, and the hot water can cause scalding as well.

Step 5: Dry the ball now by using a towel or a tissue for some time. Do not dry the ball using a hard surface because it might still be hot and create another dent on its cover.And now also kn0w about How To Clean A Ping Pong Table.

How To Indent A Ping Pong Ball

2. By Using the Flame method

The method is quite efficient and works almost with all types of dents, but you need to be careful around the fire. The steps are;

Step 1: Find a person first who can easily use a lighter. Run the flame gently under the ball, and avoid setting too much heat on it.

Step 2: Just give the dent an amount of heat enough to start a reaction. Don’t keep holding it still. Instead, press it back and forth gradually.

Step 3: Continue this process until the ball expands with the gases, fixes the damaged dent, and causes it to return to its original position.

Step 4: Grab it softly and politely until it cools down.

Now keep enjoying, and play on!

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