How To Clean A Ping Pong Table

Are you a regular player of table tennis famously known as ping pong? If you are, then you need to know the importance of cleaning the table. We know that the struggles of cleaning the dusty and badly stained table are so real. This article is surely gonna help you so much if you are a new owner of a ping pong table. We will give you all the essential tips and tricks you need to clean and maintain the ping pong table.

How To Clean A Ping Pong Table


Why Should You Clean The Table

Before we indulge ourselves in cleaning steps and tips, we need to understand why the table needs to be properly cleaned and maintained. Disadvantages of getting a stained and dusty table are:

Effects On Game

First, we’ll see how the dirty table affects the game. While playing the game, you may notice the ball is not bouncing and spinning as it should. Why is the ball not bouncing and spinning? The reasons would be dust, stains, and moisture presenting on the table.

Effects On Paddles

Slowly through the ball, dust will transfer on your paddles. The performance of your paddles will be affected badly. They will lose their stickiness and skill to great spin.

Effects On Table Surface

The surface of your table suffers poorly if you don’t maintain your table regularly. The surface is more sensitive to moisture and stains, compared to other parts of the table. A little moisture costs you an excellent loss by affecting the durability of the table.

What To Avoid During Cleaning The Ping Pong Table

During the process of cleaning, you need to be aware of the mistakes you must avoid ensuring that you simply don’t harm the surface of your ping pong table. The mistakes are:

Using Harsh Cleaners

The regular cleaners used in every household, have an outsized number of harsh chemicals in them. You can’t use these harsh cleaners on the table, they will cause a great loss to the quality of the surface. Instead, use special cleaners made for ping pong tables or you can use the DIY one. Know about the effective cleaner you can make at home easily in the other section of this article.

Getting The Table Too Wet

The main thing worth mentioning, again and again, is to avoid getting the indoor table too wet, during cleaning. It may result in completely losing the sturdiness of the table. Use water carefully and clean with a wet cloth to be ensured about the durability of the table.

Step By Step Guidance:

Here are the guidelines on how to clean the ping pong table step by step:

  • Remove the net and place it somewhere else.
  • Use the dry cloth to clean all dust.
  • Make vinegar and water DIY

cleaner to effectively clean the table. Mix the water and vinegar in a 2: 0.5 ratio.

  • Place the cloth in a cleaner, then squeeze the cloth and clean the table with the dampened cloth.
  • And lastly, use lubricant in moving parts of the table to keep them in good condition.
  • You can clean the net by simply placing them in a cleaning solution of white vinegar and water. But take care to not completely soak them as attachments on the net must be out of the cleaning solution. Soak the net in the solution for a half-hour long.

How Often Should You Clean The Table?

It depends on the location and environment where the table is placed. If it is placed in a lounge, playroom, or you got the ping pong table for home then you don’t need to clean the table every week. And if you keep the table in some dusty place like a garage etc. Then, you should clean your table with a damp cloth every week.

Bonus Tips

Do you wish to maintain the ping pong table and make it look brand new? Then maintain it daily. Follow the main three tips.

  1. Purchase a good table cover. Hide it with cover if you are not playing.
  1. Regular cleaning with a dry cloth is necessary.

Cleaning hard as mentioned in the guidance step by step.

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