How Much Does A Ping Pong Table Cost-Complete Guide 2021

Owning a ping pong table is sort of a dream come true for some people. To be honest, it doesn’t sound but a luxury for ping pong players to own the table within the home. But, the main problem is the cost. How Much Does A Ping Pong Table Cost?.We can’t afford to exceed our budget to buy the premium table.And also how to know which table you should go for? That means you have to do a lot of research for the purpose. However, after reading the whole article you won’t feel any need to do more research.

Categories Of Ping Pong Table

We must know about the categories of tables first. What sorts of tables are availablein the market and which one you would like to go for. Let’t find more about the tables.

Indoor Tables

How Much Does A Ping Pong Table Cost

Ping pong is primarily an indoor game. Because outside, the game is also stricken byweather, rain, and wind. Playing indoor is an incredible idea to spend quality time with yourloved ones. Many people have indoor tables in offices also, to take some break from the workand fresh their mind. If you wish to go for indoor games then you don’t need to be more worried about the strength and durability of the table.

Because they are already safe from tough conditions of wind and rain. Still, you need toobserve the frame, legs, wheels, and paint to make the table your valuable investment. Youmay also get the benefit to save extra money, the reason is indoor tables are available at less rate than the outdoor ones.

Outdoor Tables

Outdoor Tables

The ping pong game can be played outside. However, then you must have a powerfully strong and durable ping pong table for home. To save the table from weather conditions, manufacturers need to take some extra steps to save the table from worsening. The slightest patch of water will affect the game badly. If you would like to undergo a pleasant game, then choose tables made with heavy steel.

They are ideal and face the tough challenges of out of doors conditions. The undercarriage of heavy steel also verifies the sturdiness of the table. Manufacturers also do powder coating on the undercarriage to rescue the table from collapsing. Outdoor tables are more expensive than indoor ones because the efforts producers placed on outdoor tables are extra.

Conversion Tops

Conversion Tops pingpong table


In case you cannot afford the indoor and outdoor tables, due to their high prices or you don&’t have enough space in your house or office. You need to go to table tennis conversion tops. To the acquisition of conversion tops, we have a lot of reasons. Firstly not all people have a lavish garden or big lounge in their houses to place the ping pong table.
Secondly, you will get the utmost benefit out of them for many many years. Just set the conversion tops on the dining table or center table. Then, you will be ready to play the fun game of ping pong with your beloved ones. Yet one more benefit of conversion tops is that they are handy and anyone can afford them.

Cost Of Ping Pong Tables

Indoor tables cost between $150 – $400
Outdoor tables cost somewhere between $400 – $700
Conversion tops cost are around $200 – $300
Premium tables cost over $1000

Are Premium Ping Pong Tables Worth TheMoney?

Yes, they are worth it. Premium ping pong tables are a whole combination of all of the proper thickness, great paint quality, amazing bouncing capacity, heavy steel material, and strong legs. Investing in a branded table will be your memorable investment. And, the experience you will get from the premium tables is difficult to search out in other tables. If you are a skilled player of ping pong then you can surely decide to invest in branded and premium

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Can You Make The Ping Pong Table At Home?

No, please don’t try this. It&’t only a waste of your valuable time and money. Also, the method may be a bit troublesome. And, the table will get messy during the making.

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