Best Ways to Hold A Ping Pong Paddle

The ping pong is a big hit game, plays professionally and people keenly play it in their households. It’s not an easy task to be an expert in this game. You need to do a lot of practice and learn some tried and tested techniques to be a champion in ping pong. The good player knows the techniques and best ways to hold a ping pong paddle to chase and win every time. Are you a new player who wants to know the effective tips and wanna be a champion?  Relax and read the best ways we are going to explain.

Best Ways to Hold A Ping Pong Paddle

Importance Of Holding The Paddle In Proper Way

Ping pong is a game of seconds. You have to play the shot without thinking and making any decision to change your grip on the paddle. If you change your grip with every shot you play, then you will surely lose. To play the shot effectively, you have to consider your grip style and need to work on it.

Slowly with practice and working on your grip, you will learn how to play every outclass shot without thinking about the grip. There are many ways to hold the paddle, you need to pick the best which works amazingly for you and practice it continuously.

Best Ways To Hold A Ping Pong Paddle

Some of the best ways to hold a paddle are as follows:

The Shakehand Grip

The name tells itself the process, the style of this grip resembles the way we shake hands. It is considered the best and only way to play ping pong for beginners. In this 

Ping Pong Shakehand Grip

grip, the player has three fingers wrapped around the blade. The index finger is touching the center of the rubber and the thumb is resting on the other side of the center of the rubber.

This technique is gaining popularity worldwide due to its simple way and effective results. There are two types of shakehand grip.

The shallow shakehand and the deep shakehand. In a shallow shakehand the index finger is placed on the middle side of the rubber and the thumb is rested on the blade. Whereas in deep shake hand grip, the only difference is that the thumb is touching the lower rubber bat.

The Penhold Grip

The name of this grip is called penhold because, in this grip, the player holds the paddle like a pen in his hand. This grip can be your recipe to win if you mastered the hold. And it’s not that difficult to be an expert in it. In the pen hold grip, the player holds the paddle in such a way that the blade is pointing upward, and the paddle rubber is facing downward.

First, you need to make C-shape with the help of your index finger and thumb and then place the rubber paddle in the middle of your thumb and finger. Then place your thumb slightly on the rubber and your index finger on the lowest section of rubber. Keep some space between finger and thumb.

Ping Pong Penhold Grip

Chinese Penhold Grip

The way of holding a paddle with a Chinese pen hold grip is very much similar to the regular penholder grip. The only difference is that after placing the paddle between the index finger and thumb, the player curled the remaining three fingers on the opposite side of the rubber.

 This grip is not that simple, as it sounds. You will face a bit of difficulty while playing the shot. A lot of practice is needed to learn this grip.

Ping Pong Chinese Penhold Grip

Reverse Backhand Penhold Grip

This grip is similar to a Chinese pen hold grip. The only thing which is unique in this grip is instead of using the front paddle surface where the index finger and thumb are placed, the player uses the back surface where three fingers rested on the rubber paddle to hit the ball.Ping Pong Reverse Backhand Penhold Grip

The disadvantages of this grip are it is very tough to learn and tougher to master. One thing more with this grip, it would be difficult for you to get the shot over the net. The only player who mastered this grip is Chinese player Wang Hao.

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