7 Best Ping Pong Table Under $300 in 2021 – Complete Buying Guide

Want a durable ping pong table and that too under budget? If you’re a professional ping pong player or just want to enjoy a fun table tennis game with your friends and family. You must need a good quality table, which is strong enough to endure the tough and rough games.

The cheap table won’t only just ruin the game purpose, ruin your enjoyment time with your loved ones as well. But the strongest tables are most likely to be expensive ones. And crossing the budget is not a piece of significant news for your pocket. Let us tell you the good news. You can get the well-built table for under $300, with no compromise on the quality of the game.

 After researching and testing, we’ve come with 7 best ping pong tables under $300. And each one is amazing in longevity, performance, and ease to store. If you want a quick buy and don’t want to read the complete reviews, then you can just go for our top choice GoSports Table Tennis Game Set.

Best Ping Pong Table Under $300

1GoSports Table Tennis Game Set•Aluminum frame design
2MD Sports Regulation Ping Pong Table•Offers solo game sessions
3JSTIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table•Powder-coated top and legs
4JButterfly Junior Ping Pong•Separatable halves
5JOOLA Indoor 15mm Ping Pong Table•JOOLA Indoor 15mm Ping Pong Table
6JFranklin Sports Table Tennis Tables•Franklin Sports Table Tennis Tables
7Goplus Portable Tennis Table•Goplus Portable Tennis Table

1.) GoSports Table Tennis Game Set

First on the list is the highest-rated GoSports table. It is medium size, perfect for practicing players, and also for brief sessions of ping pong with loved ones. In case you haven’t enough space in your place to store this table, its portable design is going to help a lot. After playing the game, fold it and store this foldable table anywhere as it’ll take a brief space compared to others.GoSports Table Tennis Game Set

Its shining aluminum frame makes the table look heavy, but in actuality, it’s lightweight, which makes the storing and carrying process simply comfortable. And its smoothest and even surface brings so much excitement, even at the time of boring games. The level-out exterior offers perfect bouncing for unlimited hours. Great for practicing professional ping pong matches.

If you want to play outdoors, its heavy steel legs stand out in tough conditions of weather and the waterproof system keeps the damage of rains in check, providing astonishing stability to the table. It also features an instant setup system with no need for tools and a hectic time-consuming assembling procedure. Just fold out the table and start playing your favorite table tennis within a few minutes.


  • Comes with proper game tools
  • Built-in carrying handles for easy storage
  • Elite material quality
  • Amazing customer service
  • Only in red color
  • Slightly higher metal corner
Why is it our first pick? It’s a complete game set with 2 paddles, 4 balls, a net, and a mid-size table. The high-quality material used in the table has increased the longevity of the table. Portable design and carrying handles are lifesavers for people who have little apartments but still want to enjoy the ping pong game at home.

2.) MD Sports Regulation Ping Pong Table

Most often, serious table tennis players search for a full-size table, so they can practice as per the professional requirements. This MD Sports Regulation Ping pong Table is the one for them. Its thick table top meets the IITF’s standard of stability. Further, the steel aprons placed under the table offer extra support to the table and help in giving a perfect bounce to the ball, creating the smooth flow of the game.MD Sports Regulation Ping Pong Table

If you want to play a solo game, just fold the table to one side and it’ll be perfect for hours and hours of practice. The padded steel legs hold the table in intense playing sessions to prevent every kind of shakiness. And the safety lock keeps the table joint and saves it from accidental openings. In case you want a quick solo game or a game with your friends, it’s easy to set up and enables you to do it within ten minutes.

Wish to play the game whether, in your gaming room, garden, or in a little backyard in your house, its water-resistance system will take care of water damage with the help of its sealed underside. Amazing table if you want some outdoor ping pong experience. Also, the 95% pre-assembling will save you from spending long hours to get the parts assembled.


  • Bottom steel padded legs
  • Professional grade net
  • IITF’s standard approved
  • Helpful customer-friendly service
  • Heavyweight table
  • Difficult to carry
Why do we like it? The MD Sports is an amazing sturdy ping pong table not only for professional players but for the big families and larger offices. Perfect ball bouncing, waterproof and thick top, and strong under legs promise to give you wonderful game moments.

3.) STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table

Midsize table STIGA Table Tennis Player has the second spot for superb performance. It is best for indoors only as it can’t afford to bear the outside weather. If you’re an experienced player of ping pong, you might know about the coating process in manufacturing the tables, and how much impact the coating process has on the bouncing capacity of tables. But STIGA has taken proper steps to ensure the smooth playing surface by repeating the roller coat process various times.STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table

Its incredible bouncing capacity results from the roller coat procedures. They print the even surface with silkscreen striping to give the final eye-staring compact top look. Durable 1.25″ square welded steel legs hold the table in one place and are coated with powder to increase the life of the table and prevent any damage from happening under the table. The molded leg levelers even out the height of the table for an amazing game experience.

Also, levelers save your valuable hard floor from any scratches, in case you want to move the table to another suitable place. The outstanding quality of this table permits the owner to use it for multi-purpose. Also, the portable design doesn’t require any hassle assembling, take it out from the box, unfold and chase the win with enjoyment. After hours of playing sessions, fold it again and store it in the closet or under the bed, it’s that simple.


  • Great maneuverability
  • Ideal for little homes
  • Sturdy ping pong table
  • Powder finishing
  • Not suitable for professional practice
  • Can’t face the outdoor challenges
Why do we like it? For small spaces, it is a beneficial featured ping pong table. Enjoyment, fun, and challenges become more thrilling with this STIGA’s ping pong table. To take care of your passionate feelings for the game, powder-finished steel legs will be there to hold the table stronger.

4.) Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

The Butterfly Junior ping pong table comes in slightly larger than medium size. It comes proudly with 3 years of warranty, promising incredible stability. Available in both traditional eye-catching blue and green color. Colour will be perfectly suitable for the interior of a living or gaming room. You may have already gotten the idea that it’s not durable enough for outdoor table tennis. It’s a small table for casual ping pong games with your friends and family.Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

It is surely small in size but we can compare its top thickness to the full-size tables. A 12mm thick top with a smooth surface helps the ball to bounce greatly for exciting games. Corner pads on the table act like extra protection to enhance the durability of the table for years. Also, its heavy legs won’t let the disturbance ruin your game, as they stand in one place with no danger of turning over.

Unlike some usual tables, this Butterfly’s table comes in two separate halves. If you want a big size table, join both halves, and your big table will be ready to play on. But if you want to use it for other games, separate them and enjoy other entertaining games too. On each half, two wheels are placed to create the simplest storage capacity. Fold-down the table and with the help of wheels, you’ll easily carry it to your basement or in the closet.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Comes with a proper net set
  • Multiple purposes
  • Suitable for young players also
  • No leg levelers
  • Paddles and balls not included
Why is it on our list? Well, it is one of the most efficient ping pong tables that is available with a great warranty. Requires small space and reasonably priced, the golden opportunity you surely don’t want to miss. If you want to use the table for other fun games, just remove the net, separate the halves and play the exciting fun games.

5.) JOOLA Indoor 15mm Ping Pong Table

The JOOLA’s indoor ping pong table is available in full size significantly for tournament ping pong matches. But you can place this elegant table in your gaming room for a personal indoor experience. Talking about the top’s thickness, it has a maximum of 15mm extent. Ideal for faultless swinging of balls that makes the game more challenging and amusing. The two-halves of this table allows solo games also, by just folding down the one halve.JOOLA Indoor 15mm Ping Pong Table

 This table’s undercarriage consists of 1-inch steel legs with adjustable leg levelers. Leg levelers don’t let the steel legs place any scratches on the floor and carpets. Also, it provides stable table height while playing. And the 2-inch locking caster wheels offer decent maneuverability, easy to transfer from one corner to the other. And to prevent the extra movement of the ping pong table, a locking system on caster wheels is placed.

JOOLA Quadri aims to provide comfortable transportation of the table. This lightweight table has eight sturdy caster wheels. Easy to move independently on the carpets and hard tiles. For your safety and your loved ones, the company has given the gravity lock and Velcro to secure the table from unexpectedly opening during the ping pong game. The velcro strap protects the table even in the storage position.


  • Full-size ping pong table
  • Smooth top with finished bottom
  • Net and post set
  • Separatable halves
  • Complicated assembling process
  • Poor customer services
Why do we like it? It offers incredible features like the branded ping pong tables. One thing to like the most about this table is its caster wheels, which makes the movement of the table much simpler. Also, its great bouncing capacity is another astonishing feature, deserves to be appreciated.

6.) Franklin Sports Table Tennis Tables

Next in the list of efficient ping pong tables is Franklin’s table. The primary reason to buy this product is the five-star quality it offers to its customers. They produce the table with high-quality components that may make you feel like a professional player. The top surface is as flat as a pancake, offering trouble-free spinning of balls to sprinkle the professional touch to friendly, challenging ping pong matches. It’s custom-made for indoor sport.Franklin Sports Table Tennis Tables

Its refined legs with high-quality leg levelers allow the table to stand boldly in your gaming room. Adaptable levelers qualify the young players to play the fun and excited ping pong matches by maintaining the height. Pro clamp net comes with this stable table, easy to install and easy to remove. Within a few seconds, you can change it from the ping pong table to the multi-skilled table.

The 2-step uncomplicated foldable design is beneficial when it’s time to store the table. By folding down the table, it takes the small space of your gaming room. To help you further, it’s prepared particularly for quick and simple assembling. You’ll need a maximum of half an hour to gather the table components. This mid-size ping pong table is available in a sophisticated blue and white color.


  • Solid brackets
  • Classic material quality
  • Elliptical frame design
  • Top standardized leg levelers
  • Elaborate assembling
  • Heavyweight
Why do we like it? If you’re planning to buy this benefit-packed ping pong table, then keep one thing in your mind, it requires highly complicated assembling. You can’t gather the table yourself. Apart from it, its performance is definitely worth your hard-earned money. And its durability successfully impresses the customers.

7.) Goplus Portable Tennis Table

Last on the list is the GoPlus Portable ping pong table. It’s 100% pre-assembled, no need for tools, and a time-consuming gathering process. The top-quality table is an agreeable choice not just for friendly, casual ping pong matches, it’s also great in increasing your response time and stamina for serious professional matches. Also, it’ll help you in getting the outdoor sports experience.Goplus Portable Tennis Table

GoPlus’ tabletop comprises aluminum composite, providing a smooth finish with no scratches. Its anti-corrosion system gives long-term durability to this ping pong table. And the outstanding spinning capacity on the even surface increases your eye and hand coordination. They produce this amazing table with high-quality materials, but it’s lightweight. Its sturdy legs with anti-skid pads provide worry-free games with no wobbling.

It’s a complete game set, you’ll get 2 strong paddles, 2 table tennis balls, and one net and post set along with the ping pong table. Foldable design with a simple gathering process helps in creating the game environment in just a few minutes. And for simple storage action, fold back the table and with the help of a built-in handle, carry the table to the required destination. Two-lock systems keep the folded table in the same place, thus preventing it from falling.


  • Doesn’t need any separate accessories
  • Aluminum top board
  • Suitable for indoor sports
  • Splendid durability
  • No leg levelers to maintain the table height
  • Smaller size
Why do we like it? The smaller size is not the problem, but the company promises a bit of an enormous size table. Other than that, it offers all the durability and incredible features that you wish to experience in your ping pong table. The amazing benefit you’ll get with this table is, it doesn’t need any separate accessories and tools.

Overall Conclusion

That’s the end. As you must have known about all the Best Ping Pong Table Under $300 in this article. Thank you for reading this so far. And hope it’ll guide you a lot in deciding to buy the best ping pong table under $300. Just know that buying the one as per your requirements is an important step in purchasing experience. If you want to go for a large table, then make sure that your garden or home has enough space for it.

Some above-mentioned brands have customer-friendly services to serve their customers. If you face some difficulties in assembling or some other major problems regarding the product, you can contact them for their help. Hoping for your good feedback and sending kind wishes to you for your time filled with joyous ping pong game sessions.

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