Best Ping Pong Table For Home in 2021 – Buying Guide

Ping pong table is a great way of productivity because it allows you to take a quick break from your hectic work routine to freshen up your mind. Mostly, ping pong tables are expensive, but if you don’t want to invest too much, you can get yourself a ping pong table for home as well in a reasonable price tag.

Choosing the best ping pong table for home is the real concern for some people as there are plenty of factors that you should look for before making a purchase. To help you with that, I have crafted this list of best ping pong tables for home to help you make an informed decision.

Among all these products listed below, the STIGA Indoor Table Tennis is the top one as it is lightweight, compact and reasonably cheaper so you can easily spend some money on it to get it to your home for quick entertainment matches.

Best Ping Pong Table For Home

Since every second is precious. For your ease, we have listed the key features of some of the best ping pong table for a home in a comparison table below. Just have a quick look at it before you make your purchase.

1STIGA Indoor Table Tennis•201 pounds weight
•alloy steel frame
•72-inch net length
•three-color (blue/black/red)
2GoSports Table Tennis•Lightweight
•High-Grade Aluminum Frame
•Built-in Carry Handle
3JOOLA NOVA Table Tennis•166 Pounds Weight
•Blue Color •Aluminum Frame •72-inch Net Length
4JOOLA NOVA Table Tennis•155 Pounds Weight
•Engineered Wood Frame
•Charcoal Color
5STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis•Woodgrain Color
•Small Dimensions •Adjustable Height Table
6JOOLA Tour Table Tennis•162.6 Pounds Weight
•Engineered Wood Frame
•Blue color
7Butterfly Junior Table Tennis•Alloy Steel Frame
•Green Color

Great! We have learned the basic features of each best ping pong table for home. Let’s see the detailed reviews.

1.) STIGA Indoor Table Tennis

STIGA indoor table tennis is wondrous table tennis of the renowned sports brand, the STIGA brand. With its smart features, it is quite impressive for the players who love competitions. It allows you to enjoy playing for hours without facing any trouble.STIGA Indoor Table Tennis Table


The STIGA indoor table tennis weighs 201 pounds with a dimension of 63 x 56 x 5 inches. Seeing its weight and dimensions, you might think that it will be difficult to move. No way, regardless of its weight, it offers you easy portability and storage. How? It provides you lockable roller wheels for the effortless moving of this apparently bulky ping pong.

It is quite easy to set up. just take 10 minutes from your time to get set up. It is 95 percent pre-assembled and just requires you to join its legs with eight bolts. It’s ready to serve you in your glorious competition. You don’t need a large space to store it. Just fold away and the two table halves will be right angles to each other in a compact form.

If you want to practice or play solo, you can make one table half a rebound surface with its foldability feature. It has a 72-inch net which is easy to put on and remove. You can win your game over its 5/8-inch thick tabletop that has a lustrous finish.


  • • Quick & easy assembly
  • • Reasonable price
  • • Easily transportable
  • • Easily foldable
  • • Allows self-practice
  • • Heavyweight
  • • Tabletop not so thick


STIGA indoor table tennis is indeed the best ping pong table for home due to its reasonable cost, convenient portability, and good competitive features. It is a worth-buying ping pong table for tennis lovers.

2.) GoSports Table Tennis

The best seller of sports items, the GoStore brand has manufactured this convenient and top-notch ping pong table which makes your lockdown worth-remembering. It is a lightweight yet robust table that allows smooth and long-playing with no worry.GoSports Table Tennis Table


The GoSports table tennis offers a high standard aluminum frame that makes it lightweight, durable, and hard-core allowing tennis lovers to enjoy playing on this lightweight monster for many years without thinking a little to replace it.

With its small dimensions and foldability, it just takes some inches of your room. You don’t need a big space for its storage. One can easily make room for this amazing ping pong table in his office and home. Setting it up is also not something that takes time. Just a few minutes after unboxing it and you’re ready to go.

Its tabletop is smooth and gives good rebounding. The applaudable feature of this pin pong table is that it gives you 4 balls and 2 tennis paddles in its package, providing the whole thing for a good competition. You don’t have to be a pro player to buy this awesome ping pong table. For your amusement, you can have it at your home.


  • Smart design
  • Compact-sized
  • Easy to store anywhere
  • Affordable
  • 2 paddles and 4 balls in the package
  • Durable
  • It May not be perfect for pro-players


The GoSports table tennis is the best choice for beginners who want to start a playing career and practice tennis sports. The price at which it is available is also quite sensible. Considering the high-quality build and the convenience it offers to its users, one can regard it as the best ping pong table for home.

3.) JOOLA NOVA Table Tennis

JOOLA brand is one of the best sellers of sports items. The JOOLA NOVA table tennis is the best ping pong table for professional tennis players, which is available in quite pleasing features for the tennis fans. It is appropriate for both indoors and outdoors.JOOLA NOVA Table Tennis Table


The JOOLA NOVA table tennis weighs 166 pounds with a dimension of 108 x 60 x 30 inches. A bit heavy but you can move it easily. Its two table haves have 4 rollable casters system that makes it easier to move for storage. Assembling takes less than 10 minutes from your time. All that is required from you is to join its legs with 8 bolts.

It has large dimensions but for storing, it can be folded and assume a reasonable dimension that can be conveniently stored anywhere. Its folding feature also allows you to practice and enjoy playing solo. You don’t need a competitor always. Just play yourself.

This marvelous pro ping pong table is compatible with both indoor and outdoor and has a water-proof net. It is user-friendly, whether you play inside a building or in open-air, you will have a flawless playing experience with the JOOLA NOVA table tennis.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ball holder at 4 corners
  • 2 magnetic scorers
  • Easy to shift
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Sturdy build
  • A bit pricey
  • Tabletop may be of low quality


The JOOLA NOVA table tennis is considered the best ping pong table for professional tennis players. Though its price is high relative to others, yet it provides you the super features and a better playing experience that outshines its cost.

4.) STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis

STIGA space saver table tennis as its name implies is the ping pong table that saves a lot of your space. It is the best table in terms of occupying less space so far. It is more ideal for home, apartment, and dorms. This simple, lightweight, and much convenient space saver table tennis is the best option for casual players and beginners.STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table


STIGA space saver table tennis requires no assembly. Simply unbox the package, unfold it and attach the net and post. You are ready to play your match now. This feature is appreciable for the hasty player who can’t wait to get started.

It has ultra-compact dimensions and further, the foldability feature actually makes it a space saver. After folding it, you can place it in any corner of your apartment or office. If you look at its design, it is quite appealing. The wood grain tabletop is decent and it is good for reliable bouncing.

At times when you want to play something else other than tennis, it provides you a good surface for it. You can play ludo, cards, or any other game on it. Its two table halves can be separated and serve multiple functions at a time. You can play cards at one table half and prepare the other table half for a refreshment break.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple
  • Highly portable
  • Mini-size
  • Half tables for multi-purpose
  • Effective playing experience
  • Compromised quality


Briefly, STIGA space saver table tennis is the perfect option for beginners and occasional players. Considering its simple design, features, and the less space it occupies, you can call it the best ping pong table for home.

5.) JOOLA Tour Table Tennis

JOOLA tour table tennis is another wonder of the JOOLA brand. It has designs, builds, and features that are ideal for a professional tennis player and competition lover. The cost is a bit high but it is nothing if you consider the playing experience one will get from this remarkable ping pong table.JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table


The JOOLA tour table weighs just 162.6 pounds with a dimension of 108 x 60 x 30 inches. It is yet convenient to move and store in a smaller space. Its four roller wheels permit you to move its two halves. The easy foldability makes the two halves at a right angle to one another subsequently making its size practically half to when it is not folded.

For playing solo, again foldability feature comes. The standing table half that is folded against the other half act as the bouncing back surface to your ball. It is of incredible importance when you don’t have anybody around you to rehearse tennis sports. If you are not a master, this brilliant tennis table will make you an expert in a matter of moments.

It is very simple to set up. Simply require a little time to get set up. It is already 95 percent assembled and simply expects you to get its legs together with eight bolts. It’s prepared to serve you in your wonderful tennis match. Its tabletop is made of standard quality material which gives good bouncing.


  • Easy assembly
  • Convenient to move
  • Good rebounding surface
  • Foldability
  • Expensive
  • Not for casual players


The JOOLA tour table tennis is viewed as the best ping pong table for a home for master tennis players. Even though its cost is high compared with others, yet it gives you the ultra-features and a superior playing experience that surpasses its expense. It is a worth-purchasing ping pong table.

6.) Butterfly Junior Table Tennis

Butterfly junior table tennis is another space saver ping pong table that is the right choice for beginners or casual players. It is simple and the best ping pong table for home and office if one considers its smart design, convenient portability, and satisfactory results it gives to its users.Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table


Butterfly junior table tennis doesn’t need assembling. You just have to unpack the bundle and unfold it. It comes with a set of the net for convenience.

It has super-reduced measurements and the foldability feature allows it to be a good space saver. Now coming to the outlook, its decent green color is appealing to the eyes too.

On occasion when you need to play something different other than tennis, it gives you a decent surface for it. You can play cards, or some other game on it. Its two table halves can be isolated and serve numerous capacities all at once. You can play a game of cards at one table half and set up the other table half for a rewarding break.


  • Set of net included
  • No assembly needed
  • Lightweight
  • Occupy less space
  • No solo playing mode
  • Not suitable for professional players
  • Legs are inappropriate


In short, butterfly junior table tennis is the ideal choice for starters and infrequent players. Thinking about its decent style, convenient attributes, and the less space it involves, you can consider it the best ping pong table for home.


In a nutshell, you can easily make the decision for the best ping pong table for home from the list of reviews given above. Plus, the top pick can save you some time as well. If not, then let us know in the comments what are you requirements and we can provide you a custom solution as well.

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