Best Ping Pong Table for Garage 2021-Buying Guide

The good thing about ping pong is that it can be played by anyone. All you need is a little hand-eye coordination, a lightweight paddle, and of course a ping pong table to let the game begin. Besides, it’s a great indoor and outdoor sport to bond with family, friends, coworkers and, even to shed a few extra pounds.

However, if you’re not quite certain about what type of mini ping pong table you should invest your money into, we’ve got you covered. Some of the specifications you need to take into consideration are the size, weight and portability when looking for a ping pong table for a garage or other small-sized rooms.

Before you head further, we advise you to have a quick look at our top pick the Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Tennis Table as in our opinion it’s the best ping pong table for garage as it’s a premium-quality mid-sized table with a compact design and, comes with two paddles, balls and, a net set.

Best Ping Pong Table for GarageFeaturesCheck Price
Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Tennis TableMedium Density Fiberboard Surface and Steel Frame with Black Powder Finish
STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis TableSilkscreen Striping Table Top with Leg Levelers with New Post System
STIGA Advantage Professional Ping-Pong TableUnique Independent Table DesignWith Clamp Style Attachments
JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table100% Pre-Assembled with Multi-Use Freestanding Tabletops
Killerspin Table Tennis Table18mm Medium Density Fiberboard with Safety Mechanisms for Storage and Playing
Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table12mm Full-Size Thick Tabletop andPre-Assembled with Corner Pads
GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game SetHeavy-Duty Aluminum Frame withAttached Carrying Handles
Butterfly Easifold 19 Ping Pong TableDurable Strong Steel Frame withConvenient Playback Mode
Hathaway BG2305 Crossover 60-in PortableSlender Profile with Foldable Legs with a Silkscreened Tabletop and White Lines

Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table Tennis Table

Medium Density Fiberboard Surface
Steel Frame with Black Powder Finish
Velcro Lock with Carrying Handle-
Two Paddles & Two Balls Included
Best Ping Pong Table for Garage
The Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Tennis Table is a high-quality, mini-sized and budget-friendly option with an overall compact design. The innovative space-saving folding design with velcro lock and carrying handles makes it easy to carry and store when needed. It has a strong and solid steel frame with a black powdered coated finish that prevents rusting over time.

The ⅜” medium density fiberboard thick laminated playing surface in a cool blue color offers the same playing action similar to regulation tables while offering an ideal contrast to the conventional green tables. The mini-sized playing surface doesn’t compromise on the fast-action during playoffs and is quite ideal for space-challenged recreational rooms, garages, and any other space.

The table measures 60 x 28 x 30 inches (W x H x D), and two paddles, two balls and, a net are included in the package. All in all, it’s a very reasonably priced mini-sized ping pong table, with a durable frame and, the small playing surface intensifies the gameplay as it requires quicker reflexes adding a slice of healthy competition when playing with your family, friends, or coworkers.

  • It’s super easy to assemble.
  • Folding design allows for easy storage.
  • Durable steel frame with black coating.
  • Paddles and balls come included.
  • A small playing surface requires precise shots.

STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table

Medium Density Fiberboard Surface
Silkscreen Striping Table Top
Leg Levelers with New Post System
Square Welded Powder Coated Steel Legs
Best Ping Pong Table for Garage
The STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table has a smooth-level surface that offers incredible playability is very easy to assemble and has a net with post system with leg levelers for better stability. It’s another space-saving cost-friendly ping pong table with the assembled dimensions of 70″ L x 40.5″ W x 30″ H and, weighs around 79 pounds while the top of the table has a thickness of 1.8 inches.

Now let’s look at some other important features like the tabletop is manufactured from medium density fiberboard, while the repeat roller coat process creates a much smoother and level-playing surface. The table surface is also laminated with silkscreen striping which is directly printed on it for a perfect finish. However, the manufacturer does recommend the table to be used for playing indoors.

When it comes to assembly, it’s quite simple as all you have to do is unpack, unfold and, then start playing. Most importantly, the sturdy 1.2 inches square-shaped legs are steel-based providing a solid stable base, while the powder-coating offers a smooth durable finish. The leg levelers are molded, to prevent floor scratches and, allows for adjusting the height of the table to achieve a flat-leveled playing surface.

  • The Tabletop has a smooth finishing.
  • Leg levelers to adjust the height.
  • Easy to unfold and fold every time.
  • Powder-coated durable steel frame
  • Paddles and balls are not included.
  • Recommended to be used indoors.

STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables 

Unique Independent Table Design
72” Post Net System Assembly
Clamp Style Attachments
Thick Tabletop with Silkscreen Striping
STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables 
The STIGA Advantage Professional Ping-Pong Table has a very innovative chassis design, as Each table half comes with an independent caster beam that allows the two separate halved tables to be used as freestanding for multi-usage making it one of the best ping pong tables for garage or home usage offering versatility at its best. Besides, the independent unique design makes it possible for the two halved tables to easily nest into the other occupying less space during storage.

Most importantly, it has a quick-play design and the ping pong table comes 95% pre-assembled allowing for an easy and quick setup every time. Meanwhile, the 72” heavy-duty post-net system features a high-quality cotton-blend net with easy tension adjustment that completes the playing experience. The net is also very easy to assemble and remove as there is a clamp-style feature for convenience.

The ⅝” thick dark blue tabletop has silk screen printing and, is UV cured to create a smoother, consistent, and durable playing surface with perfect finishing that feels smooth to the touch. There is a safety-latch system as well, that is located at the underside of the table and it locks the tabletops into an upright position which adds an extra layer of safety and, you won’t have to worry about the table opening unexpectedly when you’re moving it.

  • Easy to remove and assemble net.
  • Multi-use table tops with unique design.
  • The safety latch system secures the tables.
  • Smooth consistent playing surface tabletops.
  • Paddles and balls are not included.
  • The table is quite heavy.

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table

Medium Density Fiberboard
100% Pre-Assembled
Lightweight & Compact Design
Multi-Use Freestanding Tabletops
 JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table
The JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table is another great ping pong playing table for small spaces like garages, game rooms, and apartments. It’s a multi-use freestanding stable with an overall compact design that will easily fit in all storage spaces and, even a closet. The unique small size is for the mid-sized tables is 2/3rd (72” x 36”) which is the same size as a normal ping pong table.

The freestanding square-shaped halved tables can be used for different purposes, and the independent separate design makes the table easy to transport as well. The blue tabletops are made from medium-density fiberboard making them durable and have a smooth leveled playing surface, and the total weight of the table is only 50 pounds which makes it reasonably lightweight in comparison to other ping pong tables.

Although, despite the compact size, it has the same height as every other regulation-sized table tennis table, and it will not affect the experience of your game. When it comes to assembly, it’s 100% pre-assembled with pre-connected folding legs all you have to do is unfold the legs and, attach the net to begin the game. To sum it up, it’s a top-of-the-line quality ping pong table manufactured by a reliable brand and, its unique design makes it worth every buck.

  • The table has a multi-use design.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Can be conveniently stored in small spaces.
  • Tabletops are of high-quality material.
  • Paddles and balls to be purchased separately.

Killerspin Table Tennis Table

18mm Medium Density Fiberboard
Safety Mechanisms for Storage and Playing
Innovative Storage Design
Stylish Design with Sturdy Frame
Killerspin Table Tennis Table
The Killerspin Table Tennis Table is a premium quality ping pong table, with a stylish design at an affordable price. It’s the best ping pong table for the garage and other spaces too. The sturdy and durable frame, with large wheels, makes moving, storage and playing super easy. All in all, it’s undoubtedly a tournament-quality ping pong table and features an 18mm medium-density fiberboard offering the ideal ball bounce.

Besides, the repeat roller coating surface with the adjustable feet offers the perfect level playing surface enhancing the gaming experience. Another unique feature is that you can fold up one side of the table to practice solo, while the innovative storage design offers the space to store upto 8 ping pong balls and two paddles in the storage pockets that are located on each side of the tables.

To sum it up, this superiorly designed ping pong table has an aesthetically pleasing design that will elevate the whole room and is also built to perform with a matte black top and glossy black lines offsetting the perimeter. Also, it features incredible safety mechanisms that guarantee security when playing and, during storage as well. It’s hands-down a one-time investment that will last over time.

  • Stylish premium overall design.
  • Sturdy frame with safety features.
  • Leveled surface for ideal ball bounce.
  • Storage pockets for balls and paddles
  • Indoor ping pong table.
  • Balls and paddles to be bought separately.

Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

12mm Full-Size Thick Tabletop
Pre-Assembled with Corner Pads
Compact Size with Foldable Legs

Two Durable Wheels with Net Set

Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

The Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table is a space-saver ping pong table with regulation height and a durable premium frame. This ¾ sized foldable table has 81” L x 45” W x 30″ H dimensions and doesn’t require any assembly, and the net set comes included. When it comes to weight, it’s comparatively not that heavy as it only weighs 75 pounds making it easier to transport from one place to another, for playing and storing purposes.

The 12mm full-sized thick tabletop is built for outdoors, and indoors, it also thicker than most tables while offering a better bounce. The ¾ sized stationary junior tables also come pre-assembled by the manufacturer and come in two colors like green and blue. Despite its junior size, in comparison to mid-sized tables, it still gives you more leverage to keep the ball more in play.

The corner pads offer protection to the players from injuries, and the table corners are protected from chipping off too. While for easy transportation the tabletops can be separated. All in all, this junior-sized table is lightweight, features two durable wheels on both tables for convenient storage and the free-adjustable net comes included in the package. Although, the ping pong paddles and balls have to be purchased separately.

  • Lightweight with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Corner tables offer protection to the players.
  • Comes pre-assembled by the manufacturer.
  • The net set is included and, easily adjusted.
  • Paddles and, balls are not included.

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame
Attached Carrying Handles
Pre-Assembled for Instant Setup
Two Paddles and Four Balls Included

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set

The GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set is an indoor and outdoor mid-sized ping pong table in a pleasing red color. It’s a complete gaming set and comes with two paddles, 4 balls and a game net. The table’s surface measures about 6 x 3” and comes pre-installed for an instant setup as it can be folded out for competitive playing and can be easily folded up when it needs to be stored.

The compact design is ideal for small spaces, like in a home garage, apartments, office and bars for an epic ping pong gaming experience every time. When it comes to the built, it features a heavy-duty aluminum frame with a perfect durable smooth playing surface allowing for the ideal ball bounce. There are built-in attached carry handles that make it easy to carry and can be carried by just one person.

All in all, it’s one of the best ping pong tables for a garage offered at a reasonable price range, with all the accessories included like paddles, balls, and net. Overall it has a premium construction, built from sturdy aluminum with a leveled playing surface offering an incredible ball bounce, with a lightweight design and, can be used for playing ping pong indoors and outdoors whenever you want.

  • Lightweight and can be carried by one person.
  • Strong sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Unique red color with easily foldable legs.
  • Complete gaming set with accessories
  • It doesn’t have any!

Butterfly Easifold 19 Ping Pong Table 

Durable Strong Steel Frame
10 Minute Assembly Process
Convenient Playback Mode
Attachable Wheels with Brakes
Best Ping Pong Table for Garage

The Butterfly Easifold 19 Ping Pong Table is a durable, indoor ping pong table with a regulation size of 9 x 5” and, comes with an easy clip-on net. The frame is made out of strong alloy steel, making it the perfect addition to your garage for family game nights. When it comes to the assembly process, the easy-fold ping pong table assembles in just 10 minutes by attaching the wheels.

The table thickness is 19 mm, and the thicker the tabletop the better the is the ball bounce that improves the gaming experience. Both halves of the table are foldable and can be conveniently stored in the storage space. Moreover, the rotating wheels attached at the bottom of the frame allow for super easy transportation when it needs to be placed in the storage space or when needed for playing.

There is another unique feature, which is the playback mode and, allowing for a solo ping pong session as one-half of the table can be placed in a vertical position. To sum it up, it’s a cost-friendly ping pong with a compact and lightweight design. The tournament-grade butterfly clip-on net and post set are included in the package, and it’s also very easy to install making it a good option to take into consideration.

  • The frame is made from high.
  • quality steel.
  • The net set is easy to install when assembling.
  • Tabletop thickness allows for better ball bounce.
  • Wheels with brakes for added safety.
  • Takes time to assemble.
  • Paddles and balls are not included.

Hathaway BG2305 Crossover 60-in Portable

Slender Profile with Foldable Legs
Durable ABS Handle
Steel Frame with Wood Tabletop
Silkscreened Tabletop with White Lines

Two Paddles and Three Balls Included


Hathaway BG2305 Crossover 60-in Portable

The Hathaway BG2305 Crossover 60-in Portable is a table designed for juniors, if you’re looking for a ping pong table for your children to be placed in the home garage then it’s the perfect option. The slender profile, with a space-saving design, makes it perfect for any home tight on space. The dimensions of the table when standing are 60-in L x 28-in W x 29-in H, while the folded dimension is 30-in L x 28-in W x 6-in H.

The table’s legs, along with the accessories can be stored in between the halves of the table when it’s not being used. For easy transportation, it features a durable and solid ABS handle, you can take it with you anywhere as it easily fits in the car. For maximum durability and stability while the frame is made from steel, it appropriately supports the ½ “ thick wood table top for consistent playing.

The tabletop is silk screened in vivid blue color and, white lines that offer more accuracy during playing while providing resistance to wear and tear. To wrap it up, it’s a durable ping pong table for children, its compact design doesn’t take too much space while offering a wholesome gaming experience. Moreover, it’s perfect for indoors and outdoor playing, and most importantly it’s a complete set as two paddles and balls come included.

  • Perfect space-saving design.
  • Lightweight for easy transportation.
  • Paddles, balls and, the net set included.
  • Durable frame with a resistant tabletop.
  • It’s only for children.

Buying Guide

We have a buying guide for you featuring the most frequently asked questions which we advise you to have a quick look over as you might have the same questions too.

Can you store an indoor ping pong table in the garage?

Yes, an indoor ping pong table can be very easily stored in the garage as most of these tables have a super space-saving foldable design like the  STIGA Advantage Professional Ping-Pong  Table features a unique design where the two halved tables can easily be nested into one another for less space occupation. Besides, it has a design that makes it very convenient to store, and then set up when needed to be used.

Also read the latest artical on Best Best Ping Pong Table For Home.

What is the best ping pong table to buy?

The best ping pong table is the Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Tennis Table it has a durable steel frame that offers maximum stability, a space-saving design with velcro locks and, a carrying handle for easy transportation. It’s a mid-sized table premium-quality ping pong tabletop that offers the ideal ball bounce for the optimum gaming experience.

What is the best thickness for a ping pong table?

The Killerspin Table Tennis Table  is the best thickness ping pong table as it features an 18 mm medium density fiberboard tabletop which easily qualifies as tournament grade, that enhances the gaming experience while offering excellent ball bounce for competitive playoffs.

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