8 Best outdoor ping-pong table In 2021– Buying Guide

The Best outdoor ping-pong table  are used by many people around the world such as children, players, sportsmen, and other users. The use of the product has been massively grown over the last few years due to its trends and benefits. However, there still are some drawbacks to the product.

Since the start, the ping pong table is used to play table tennis whether indoors or outdoors. The product is also known as the table-tennis table as it provides a lot of benefits to the users. Therefore, it is important to find the best outdoor ping pong table so that the user is satisfied and finds it fun to use it.

It can be said that the best outdoor ping pong table should be the one that is smooth and comfortable when the user uses it. It should be strong enough so that it doesn’t break or give a hard time to the user. Moreover, the outdoor ping pong table should be made with solid material that supports the table and makes it reliable and efficient.

Over the last few years, it can be seen that accessibility, as well as suitability, is the key for customers in their decision-making process and buying behavior. The value of the convenience that the outdoor ping pong table offers the users greatly impacts what the users buy. And it is linked to the features that the outdoor ping pong table consists of to make it easier for the consumers to use.

Furthermore, the outdoor ping pong table needs to be durable and stable enough to work in all kinds of environments and temperatures. As the outdoor ping pong tables are specifically designed to play tennis outdoor, it needs to support the cause and do so efficiently, otherwise, it’s of no use.

Not only this, along with the features of the best outdoor table tennis tables, the budget of the ping pong table also plays an important part for the customers to buy it. It can be seen that people prefer quality products and want the prices to be as low as possible. Therefore, the outdoor ping pong table that meets the budget and quality requirements is highly appreciated and bought by the customers.

When it comes to debating on the best choice, the top pick from all the outdoor ping pong tables is theKettler Outdoor 10 ping pong table. It is guaranteed that the Kettler outdoor 10 table is the best of all due to its amazing features and services.

The kettler outdoor table is highly used and liked by the users and they seemed to be highly satisfied while playing on it. Moreover, everything about this table screams quality. The two wide steel legs of the table along with the solid crossbeams makes the ping pong table the most durable and stable in all kinds of environments.

Best ping pong table

Below we have provided you with a comparison chart listed with features and price, so you can have a fair idea of which ping pong will perfectly meet your needs.

Comparison Table:

Best ping pong tableFeatures Price
Kettler Outdoor 10 Water-resistant/ aluminum top
JOOLA NOVAAutomatic locks
Cornilleau - 500M Metal frame
Killerspin MyT7 BlackstormLarge storage facility
Stiga XTR SeriesAll-weather performance
Kettler Champ 5.0Steel legs
Harvil OutsiderThick play surface
GoSports Mid-Size TablePortable

You might now have an idea of the ping pong tables, which exist in the market, but for your convenience, we have to dig much deeper so you could have a clear idea

Kettler outdoor table 10:

Best outdoor ping-pong table

The Kettler Outdoor 10 table tennis table is one of the most famous ping pong tables. On this tennis table, one can play their most favorite ping pong games even outside and in any  weather. The kettler table is specifically designed with a waterproof aluminum top with a special ALU- TEC climate controller.

Moreover, this table tennis table ranks on number 40 under the best sellers rank. It has been first available since March 31, 2020, made from Germany. The table tennis table has been equipped with two-inch steel legs which can fight erosion making the product strong and durable. The kettler outdoor table tennis table can be used by the children, families, friends but for professional purposes, the table is made of high quality. It has the surface of UV with a fade-resistant which can resist intense play.

Furthermore, the table tennis table consists of paddles and a ball holder on one of its sides. The table can be taken anywhere one like as it is foldable with a 6 inches’ double caster. Besides, for preventing any accidents, the table consists of a feature of a patent lock tool for the not intended closing or opening.

Moreover, it also comes with some free accessories such as tennis rackets, six pieces of the three-star balls,/[ and an outdoor table tennis table cover. Last but not the least, the product will help the user enjoy as well as develop skills while playing tennis on this table.


Waterproof- aluminum top
Built-in floor levelers
Locking mechanism
Steel legs
2.25-inch resin aprons
Blue color
ALU- TEC climate controlling system
Thick play surface



  • Durable and strong
  • Foldable and safe
  • Comes with free accessories
  • Protected from various weather conditions
  • Perfect for every surface including grass, concrete, etc.
  • Good quality
  • Legs are adjustable
  • Best for all types of customers
  • Less variety of colors


The Kettler outdoor table 10 as the design is suggesting is the perfect table to play tennis on it with friends, family, or for even professional use. The Kettler outdoor table is made up of strong steel legs and a thick surface which makes it strong and resilient. The only drawback is that the Kettler outdoor table 10 doesn’t have a variety of colors.
However, with all the other advantages that the table provides, it can be said that this table is a really good choice in the outdoor ping pong tables. So anyone that prefers to buy the highest quality ping pong table can buy the kettler outdoor table 10 and the ones who want their table tennis table to long last and be able to play on it for a long time can also consider buying the kettler outdoor table 10.

JOOLA NOVA- outdoor ping pong table:

Best outdoor ping-pong table

The Joola Outdoor ping pong table is known as the highest quality tennis table which can be used both, outside and inside purposes. The tables are particularly designed and made to resist the outdoor use of the tables all year round and in any kind of weather. The surface of the table withstands the chipping and warping of the different weather conditions.

It also offers the constant bounce to the ball even after using the table for years. Maintenance of the table is not needed it is made with rust-resistant, powder-coated steel. It also consists of the height levelers on every leg of the table to balance the ground levels, making sure of a leveled playing surface.

Moreover, the locks of the table make the table safe as well as easy to carry with. The Joola nova outdoor table helps people play and enjoy with friends as well as provides solo training by folding one side of the table tennis table and then playing in the playback position. Last but not the least, this ping pong table comes with a free of hassle weatherproof net with adjustable posts. It can be considered as the best addition to the customers’ backyard, professional use, or the society playground.


Blue color
Material: composite
Aluminum framed
108x60x30 inches
166 pounds’ weight
Four-wheel trolley system
Automatic locks


  • Easy assemble
  • Used in all weathers
  • Tournament high quality
  • Compatible
  • Easily unfold
  • Aluminum surface- helps in bouncing
  • Pre-assembled
  • Good quality
  • Expensive


As we can see by the look of the Joola Nova ping pong table, it seems like a good purchase one can make. The tables come on 3rd number in the best seller rank of the ping pong tables which ensures the high quality of the product. This table can be used for a long time without any breakage or damage, making the table tennis table a great family investment.

Cornilleau Outdoor ping pong table:

Best outdoor ping-pong table

The Corniulleau outdoor ping pong table is known as the first-class outdoor table tennis table. It has the 500m crossover that will help in the times of full-on rallies. It is made of excellent material and high-quality products that make it so strong and durable. The outdoor table tennis table is beautifully designed with details on it. It looks amazing just by seeing it and gives enjoyment while playing table tennis on it.

The ball bounces back quickly because of its playable surface, which makes it more fun for the players. The Cornillaeu outdoor table has been designed for severe practices as the tables are really strong. Not only this, the table will help people build as well as strengthen their friendships while playing, having an amazing time and experience.


Colour blue
Made of polyester
72 kgs
Metal frame
500 crossover



  • Quality product
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Used in all weathers
  • Passed ITTF bounce test
  • Expensive


The outdoor ping pong table can be considered one of the best outdoor tables as it has many advantages. Along with so many benefits, the table also has a drawback which is that it is expensive.

However, just by looking at the picture of the table, we can see that how beautifully it is designed along with its aesthetic outline. Not only this, the table seems quite strong and it also has a color contrast that makes it even more beautiful. The users can buy it if they are looking for not only a strong table but also a beautifully designed tennis table.

Killerspin MyT7 Black Storm ping pong table:

Best outdoor ping-pong table

The Killerspin MyT7 ping pong table is perfectly responsive with the no wrapping playing surface that gives the perfect ball bounce for both, outdoor and indoor quality playing. The table can keep up to 8 ping pong balls on each side with the help of the storage pockets. The table takes less than fifteen minutes for assembling the table tennis table and some seconds to fold, set as well as store.

The MyT7 also provides the different levelers which can be set according to one’s choice. The height is adjustable and it can be played anywhere, anytime Moreover, it consists of a safe locking mechanism that guarantees sturdiness. The table was specially built to bring out the youth to play as well as innovate the world’s most amazing sport table. The quality of the table tennis table is premium and is aesthetically designed by amazingdesigners. Besides, the table tennis table can be used in any kind of weather condition as it is durable as well as weatherproof.


1.Wood material
2.Without cover color grey
3.1x1x1 inches
4.Storage facility- up to 8 ping pong balls
5.148 pounds
6.Plastic top
7.Aluminum frame
8.Size of 9×5



  • Weather-resistant
  • High quality
  • Durable table
  • Good look
  • Bounce right back
  • Foldable
  • Irresistible
  • Fun and relaxing
  • Great for training
  • Solo playback position playing
  • Fun play or serious play Perfect size
  • Amazing style
  • Detailed table
  • Less color and cover available


The MyT7 outdoor ping pong table is quite impressive. The product is highly recommended for the ones who love to see and prefer the beauty of the product as much as the quality of the product and must buy this MyT7 ping pong table. The users who enjoy playing a good game should try out this table as it has a lot of advantages and it is an amazing table tennis table overall. It can be easily cleaned and is not high maintenance. You should try it out!

Stiga XTR Series ping pong Table:

Best outdoor ping-pong table

The Stiga XTR series can be used in all weather conditions. It offers the users with exclusive playability with the help of aluminum, in all kinds of weather. The ping pong table is perfect for the garage, deck, or porch. It is built on the same basis as the original XTR however, it is bigger for creating the decisive outdoor ping pong table. The table is durable and is considered the perfect addition to one’s house, backyard, or anywhere.

Moreover, the Stiga XTR ping pong table is easy to use with a convenient storage facility as, despite the size of the table, the professional ping pong table alters into the storage positions. The tables come in solid packing and prime condition. The table is solidly made which makes it durable and strong.

The tennis balls bounce and spin perfectly on the table as the table’s playing surface is amazing. It will help the users develop and train themselves as well as enjoy while playing on the XTR professionally made ping pong table.


Colour blue XTR
Material aluminum
63x57x4 inches
Aluminum frame



  • Durable
  • Built to last
  • All-weather performance
  • Great playability
  • Quickplay design
  • Simple storage
  • Foldable
  • Bestseller rank number 9
  • Expensive


As the table is strong and durable, it will provide the users with a quality game. Not only this, the perfectly designed table will give the users satisfaction for playing on it. However, the only problem with this ping pong table is that it is expensive, therefore, other choices can also be performed by the buyers.

But if one is looking for the perfect playing table despite its price, the XTR ping pong table can be the best choice as it ranks under number 9 in the best seller rank. It is mainly recommended for the ones who can spend a good amount on the ping pong table

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Table:

Best outdoor ping-pong table

The Gosport Mid-sized ping pong table can be used indoor and outdoor. The product comes with a tennis net, ping pong paddles, and four balls. The table is a complete set including the accessories it comes with. The mid-sized table tennis table’s surface is 6×3 which is large enough for games as well as small enough to be stored anywhere.

The setup for the table is instant, there is no hassle required as its folds out to play and then folds up to be stored in few seconds. The table can be easily carried by an individual as it consists of built-in handles for carrying purposes. The table is great for offices, game rooms, and apartments. However, it can also be used for the professional purpose such as in sports rooms, etc

Moreover, the GoSports mid-sized table has premium construction. It consists of a heavy-duty frame made of aluminum as well as a perfectly smooth playing base which gives the tennis ball a perfect spin and bounce for hours of playing.


Color red and blue
Wood and aluminum material
Aluminum frame
Mid-size table
Storage facility



  • Instantly set up
  • Easily carried
  • Portable
  • Built-in carrying handles
  • Premium construction
  • Smooth playing base
  • Perfect ball bounce
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Mid-sized table


The Gosport mid-size ping pong table is recommended for the users who prefer small tables that can be set in smaller spaces. This very table can be surely used indoors and outdoors and the ones who prefer the best quality ping pong table for indoors and outdoors as well, they should buy this.

The only problem is that it is mid-sized, meaning not as bigger the large-sized ping pong tables. But then again, people who like and prefer this size, have the best option of the Gosport ping pong table to buy among all the other mid-sized ping pong tables.

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Ping Pong Table:

Best outdoor ping-pong table

The Kettler Champ 5.0 outdoor ping pong table is made in the factories of Germany. The table is certified with the true bounce with a surface top thickness of 22mm. The Kettler champ table tennis table is knowns as the best technology-made table with the aluminum material that helps the table to be weather resistant in the outdoors.

The process for making the Kettler champ 5.0 is effective as it’s the permanent procedure to seal the wood for a long period of durability while ensuring the playing top holds the perfect bounce for outdoor games.

Moreover, with The Kettler Champ model 5.0 outdoor ping pong table, people can play their favorite games anywhere. The table is designed with a waterproof top made of aluminum along with a special ALU- TEC climate controller. The game is furnished with two-inch steel legs that are powder coated which helps to resist erosion and also adds durability and strength to the ping pong table.

For professional sports purposes, the table is made of high quality that features a surface top that is made of UV and is also fade resilient. Furthermore, this ping pong table consists of ball holders and paddles. It is safe and foldable and can be brought anywhere.

The Kettler Champ 5.0 outdoor ping pong table comes with some free accessories, such as tennis rackets, 3-star ping pong balls, tennis cover, etc. The table provides fun and joy to the users because of its high quality and beautiful design.


Aluminum frame
ALU- TEC climate controller
108L x60 Wx30H
200 pounds
Steel legs


  • Sturdy
  • Protected against all weathers
  • Durable
  • Foldable
  • Solo playback
  • Storage facility
  • Safe
  • Comes with free accessories
  • Warranty
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Replacements
  • ewer colors available


The users who are fond of getting the perfect product, in the table tennis tables, can go for the Kettler Champ 5.0 as it has a lot of benefits. The ping pong table is made of modern technology that ensures its quality as well as consists of the best accessories.

However, not many colors are present in this ping pong table model. But other features of the table are quite impressive. Therefore, it depends on the customer’s choice and willingness to buy the Kettler Champ 5.0 outdoor ping pong table

Harvil Outsider Ping Pong Table:

Best outdoor ping-pong table

The Harvil outdoor table tennis table is one of the famous and well-known tables. The table is perfect for outside use as it is weather and waterproof. Its aluminum playing surface protects the table along with its steel frame that supports the table.

The Harvil outdoor ping pong table is portable as well as compact as it is featured with sturdy and can be easily locked or unlocked. The wheels of the ping pong table provided mobility as well as stability to the table. It is also foldable and can be played back along with the storage facility.

The tabletop is vibrant as it efficiently outlines the boundaries of the table which makes it easier for the users to play on. Moreover, there is a manufacturer warranty available. If the table is damaged or defective, the parts will be shipped and changed without any extra cost. And if the user is not satisfied, then the table can be returned to the manufacturers and the user can get a refund.

Furthermore, the table is developed, designed, and also engineered by Harvil in the USA. It is designed especially for families and friends so they have a good time together while playing tennis outside on the Harvil outdoor ping pong table.


Alloy steel frame- powder coated
Aluminum tabletop
147.67 pounds
Thick play surface
Storage facility



  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • High-quality table
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Vibrant tabletop
  • Easy to lock
  • Warranty
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Stability and mobility
  • Folds in half
  • Expensive

Buying guide

Now that you have all the information regarding all kinds of Best ping pong tables, you can easily decide which table to get. As the idea and details about the Best outdoor ping-pong table are wide and clear now, it will help you make a good decision. While we have explained all the specifications, benefits, drawbacks, etc. About the ping pong tables, it will provide the customers with in-depth analysis. Therefore, you can go through the buying guide thoroughly that we have prepared just for you.

The buying guide is vital due to many reasons, such as, for the people who are the first time buyers or users of the ping pong table, the ones who are not aware of the product and seek to find all the details about the product. It is important and wise to always do some research before buying anything as it gives a clear vision about the product that the buyer is going to purchase. 

Moreover, this buying guide will help you decide with a clear vision about the ping pong tables. Now that one is going to buy the ping pong table depending on the buyer’s guide, it is significant to start with below as the most vital factors are discussed that needs to be considered before buying.

To start these are the factors:

Waterproof and weatherproof:

Outdoor ping pong tables are required to be waterproof as well as weatherproof as they are specially designed for outdoor game playing. If the tables are not water and weatherproof, there is no benefit to buying them. A good quality ping pong table needs to have these qualities so that the games are easy to play in any weather condition.

Aluminum surface top:

The playing surface top needs to be made of aluminum or some other strong material to support the bounce and spin of the ball. Spinning and bouncing are important because the good game only depends on how strong and smooth the surface top is.

Strong and durable:

Good ping pong tables are strong and durable as those tables last for a longer period. If the ping pong table is not strong it may get damaged soon and all the money is wasted. Moreover, durability is also important as the cost of the ping pong table is higher so the table should be worth it


What is the best outdoor ping pong table?

The best outdoor ping pong table to use for playing table tennis depends on the factors such as the willingness of the customer to spend on the table. The overall quality of the table and the thicknessof the playing surface. Moreover, to check whether the ping pong table is meeting all your requirements or not.

Also, the best outdoor ping pong tables need to be strong enough to be used outdoors in any kind of environment. Not only this, the best table tennis table needs to be strong, durable, and made of good material that supports the table from the users are happy and can play a good game on it. All these factors from above help the users decide which one to buy and use. However, the choice of people varies as it is subjective and different from one person to another.

Can ping pong tables stay outside?

The outdoor ping pong tables are designed to use and be kept outside. However, when it rains or the weather is not fine, it is suggested that the tables are shifted inside for the safe side. Other than this, the main purpose of the outdoor ping pong table is to play outside as the tables are made in a way to play and be kept outside. But the indoor ping pong tables that are specially made to play and use inside, must be used and played inside.

Moreover, there is never a 100 percent guarantee of the tables staying fine when kept outside or not as It mainly depends on the quality of the table that decides whether the ping pong tables can stay outside or not.

Our outdoor table tennis tables any good?

The outdoor ping pong tables are really good. Those tables are specifically designed to be kept and used outside. The users buy it to keep and play on it outside while enjoying the natural environment. Moreover, the people who don’t have enough space to keep the ping pong tables inside, buy the outdoor ping pong tables.

The outdoor ping pong tables are very good due to many other reasons. Such as, these tables are great for recreational games and people also tend to be sociable by playing on the outdoor ping pong tables.

Moreover, the outdoor ping pong tables provide the customers with a great time. such as it helps people play together, build good relationships, talk, and have fun at the same time. They can spend quality time together as well as take upon challenges to win the table tennis game.

Furthermore, for professional purposes, the outdoor tables can be good as they provide an environment that is natural and airy. Most of these ping pong tables can be kept and used in all weather conditions which is impressive. People or the sports persons can play the games outdoors on these outdoor ping pong tables.

Are ping pong tables waterproof?

The outdoor ping pong tables are waterproof and made with amazing quality products. These tables are quite durable and strong. The outdoor ping pong tables are also easy to use. All the ping pong tables are mostly waterproof whether indoor or outdoor. However, there is still no guarantee that all the tables from different brands and makers are damaged or not.

There are also some ping pong tables present in the market that are not waterproof. Therefore, if a customer requires a waterproof ping pong table, then he or she must check before deciding to buy the table.

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